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    Custom Branded Novelty Bags

    At GNP, we offer a wide selection of custom branded novelty bags that are perfect for the collegiate market, campus admissions, orientation events, sporting events, concerts, conferences, trade shows, and more. Most of our novelty bags feature an attractive and colorful drawstring design that can be customized with your logo using a screen-printing method. Everything you need to make your brand stand out on a product that’s fun, memorable, useful, and long-lasting.


    According to ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) in their 2016 Impressions Study, a single bag can generate as many as 5,800 impressions in its lifetime! Bags are typically kept for upwards of 7 months and are often passed on to others rather than discarded. Combine this fact with the appeal of novelty bags that feature sports themes and mascots and you have an eye-catching design that’s sure to make an impression and make your brand stand out.


    GNP has worked with countless colleges, universities, associations, and corporations to create stunning novelty drawstring bags that are easy, economical, and hassle-free. If you have any questions, contact us today at 1.800.401.6000 or The entire GNP team is ready to help you take your organization, brand, or event to the next level. Want to see how your design will look ahead of time? GNP also offers free pre-purchase digital mock-ups!

    Have questions? Need ideas? Want to view Samples? Contact us today at 1.800.401.6000 or for immediate personal attention. Or fill out our brief RFP Form and put our product research team to work for you!