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Submitting Artwork Electronically

All electronic artwork should be e-mailed to: or uploaded when ordering online
  • All e-mails must include the organization name that the order was placed under and a GNP Job number if available.
  • Please indicate the colors(s) - PMS matching available on many products (view PMS chart)
  • Files up to 10MB can be e-mailed
  • Stuffed or Zipped files are preferred to reduce transfer errors

Supported Programs and File Formats

*PREFERRED* Adobe Illustrator CC (or lower) saved as an .EPS or .AI file (created in Illustrator) with all text converted to outlines. Providing this type of file is the best way to ensure your artwork will be printable.
Adobe InDesign CC (or lower) exported as an .EPS and including all placed EPS images (DO NOT place jpeg, gif, or other image files!) with all text converted to outlines
Adobe Photoshop CC (or lower) created at 600 dpi and saved as a .TIF file (for 1-color OR Full-color/photo process only).
QuarkXpress document with each page saved as an .EPS ALL fonts and placed EPS images MUST be included. DO NOT place jpeg, gif, or other image files!


  • Our Art Department works on both PC and Mac platforms.

Artwork Guidelines

  • Recommended Minimum Font size is 8 point (.1") at final imprint size. Any text smaller than this may fill in and is not guaranteed to print legibly.

Acceptable File Storage

  • CD/DVD-ROM or Flash Drives (for files larger than 10MB)

Submitting Hard Copy Artwork

  • Black and white camera ready artwork is acceptable for single or multicolor imprints. Camera ready art means that we can actually print from the supplied hard copy. IMPORTANT: Multicolor art must be separated!

*If the art is unacceptable, an art charge may apply and you will be contacted.*

Full Color Process

  • Full color process art is acceptable in a Photoshop .TIF format, created at a 600 dpi resolution (see above formats).The artwork MUST be set TO SIZE (imprint area) and should be created with a bleed ONLY if a bleed is required.
  • For full color process jobs please embed all images in your art files. If an image is not embedded, we will not be able to see it on our end and this may delay production time.

Graphic Artwork Services

  • GNP offers a full range of graphic art services. From simple typesetting and clip art, to logo creation and full-page layouts; our Art Department can help with all your artwork needs!


  • To help GNP process your order more efficiently, please inform us of:
1. The size you want the decoration to be
2. The location of the decoration
3. The color(s) of product and decoration (if available)
4. The item number and/or name of the product


Please contact us at 800.401.6000 x 211 or e-mail if you have any questions regarding artwork!